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REVF and REVN series: the correct use of cable glands for conduit pipe coupling

The correct use of REVF REVN series cable glands for connection to conduit pipe

In plant systems often coexist the needs for connections to end users, both directly with cable glands with simple or double seal, and with cable glands for connection to rigid or flexible conduit pipe for mechanical protection to non-armoured cable or to armoured cable exclusively with seal on the outer sheath.

While we already discussed in the previous newsletters of the cable glands with simple or double seal, we didn’t make exhaustive examples of the mounting needs of cable glands for coupling with conduit pipe.

The cable glands suitable for this purpose are divided into two categories such as:

The meaning of “U” and “X” characters in the Ex marking

The meaning of “U” and “X” characters in the EX marking

Many information must be reported on the marking plate of equipment and components addressed to hazardous areas which often cause several doubts and also disagreements among technicians and inspections supervisors.

The EN 60079-0 standard brings the general Rules about electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres due to the gas presence.

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1. The information which must be reported on the marking plate

As EN 60079-0 standard reports, the electrical equipment must be readable marked on the main side of it.

The marking, which can be represented by a firm plate or by a direct marking upon the device or component’s body, must report:

Do you know LEDs may be damaged if in contact with particular chemicals?

Do you know LEDs may be damaged if in contact with particular chemicals?

During the assembly phases of lighting fixtures, different chemical components such as glues, conformal coating, grease and gaskets are used, which may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may pollute and damage LEDs, affecting their performance and reducing the lifetime of the product.

Therefore, testing the materials used in the assembly before the production is important, due to avoid unexpected problems on lighting fixtures already operative.

1. The Test

For this reason, Cortem Group completed a test to evaluate the performance of CREE XT-E LEDs in presence of polluting atmospheres, according to the scheme n. CLD-AP63 Rev 5c published by CREE, relating to chemical compatibility.

How to choose a LED lighting fixture

How to choose a LED lighting fixture

Nowadays many manufacturers of lighting fixtures offer one or more LED’s products. One of the main difference from the past is the quantity of technical features which customers must evaluate. Considering a lighting fixture with traditional light source, in order to describe lighting specifications, it is often enough knowing the absorbed power and the bright source.

 Drilling ‘Ex d’ junction boxes

May 2016 Drilling ‘Ex d’ junction boxes

All the operations that might affect the certification of an Ex product must be done only by who owns the full conformity certificate for the product. However, there is a special case which commonly occurs on the market that does not follow this guideline: drilling of ‘Ex d’ junction boxes.

 Lighting systems in hazardous areas

The lighting of tanks in hazardous areas

In the industrial plants coexist normally different lighting systems to meet specific system requirements. The lighting of field instrumentation, of external and internal tanks containing liquid and/or solids in dusty or granular state such as, for example, flour tanks. This type of lighting requires specific products as, those used for other types of lighting, are not sufficient. The distributed lighting systems use lighting fixtures placed at considerable heights (from 9 to 12 meters from the floor) that helps to illuminate evenly the area.