SLEE Rechthoekige Floodlights

SLEE Rechthoekige Floodlights

SLEE series floodlights have been specially designed for lighting large indoor and outdoor areas in hazardous zones. Thanks to their versatility and small size, they are the ideal solution for those seeking a balance of quality and value for money. Apart from being suitable for use in environments where there is hydrogen (H 2) present, they are also certified with a high degree of mechanical protection (IP67) and guarantee a symmetrical and concentrated distribution of light. The symmetrical reflector makes sure that the light is spread symmetrically in all directions to provide uniform lighting. Electrical connection with the floodlight is made via a terminal board in an ‘Ex e’ enclosure that allows the entry to the lighting fixture through a cable gland with an ‘Ex’ O-ring (non barrier) as specified in the installation specification standards (EN/IEC 60079.14). As these units comply with international standards (IEC Ex), they can be installed anywhere in the world.


Low copper content aluminium alloy body. Control gear 230V 50Hz in an integrated enclosure for SLEE-40 floodlight. Anodized aluminium reflector. Frontal tempered glass. Supporting bracket. Hinges. RAL 7035 epoxy coating. Neoprene gaskets. Internal/external stainless steel earth screw.


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Atex, IEC Ex


Ex de, Ex td

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